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airplane hangar for lease for sale

We can evaluate potential airport sites to let you know if they are a practical fit for your needs. This includes whether or not you can actually land your plane at the airport, which instrument approaches apply, how competitive fuel pricing is, and much more. Look to Airport Real Estate as a specialist in land leases, current market prices, conducting a CMA or rebuild valuation, and more!

hangar to rent to own

How long has your property been sitting on the market with no activity? How much time are you wasting with an unqualified buyer? As an owner, landlord, or airport facilities operator, we realize the time you can assign to promoting your property is limited and which is why we leverage our contacts and marketing acumen to ensure your property gets significant activity.

Aerial View

Elevate your marketing efforts with cutting-edge drone technology. At Airport Real Estate, we specialize in leveraging the power of aerial imagery to help your business soar above the competition. Our team of experienced drone pilots and marketing experts combine creativity and innovation to capture stunning, high-definition aerial footage and imagery that sets your brand apart.

aircraft hangar at airpark

Sometimes it takes an unaffiliated third party to have a straightforward look at your assets and make a determination if perhaps the property is overpriced according to industry comps or standard airport real estate valuation. Oftentimes a sale can’t be valued as high because you have month-to-month tenants versus long-term leases. We can help you fix this problem. Please contact us for a quote! We offer a Broker Opinion of Value, appraisal and MAI certified appraisal.



Airport Real Estate was founded in Colorado Springs in 2017 by Brendan Clarke, an FAA and CAA qualified pilot with an Airline Transport Pilots (ATP) license, who is also a licensed real estate broker. This experience qualifies him to bring tremendously valuable insights on both the aviation and real estate aspects of an airport property lease or sale.


Brendan and his team speak aviation and specialize in the unique needs and requirements involved with airport real estate properties. The company excels in getting clients results, understanding how to get hangars built, providing one-on-one personal contact, and most importantly, listening to clients needs, requirements, and concerns.


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“As a confirmed do-it-yourselfer, I tried to sell my hangar without professional help.  After three months of unsuccessful effort, I listed the hangar with Brendan Clarke.  He quickly brought multiple full-price offers and a cash sale. 
                 It paid to hire a pro!” 


 -Bob Hunnes



For those serious about leveraging our expertise to buy, sell, or lease Colorado airport real estate, call us today at
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