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We Fly Planes Too And Understand The Needs Of Private Pilots

We work with clients who:

  • Need to locate space to house your aircraft.

  • Seek a convenient location near your home.

  • Want value for your money.

  • Desire a clean and functional space in a working hangar as an airport retreat to conduct business and be around like-minded individuals.

  • Want access to reasonably priced fuel.

  • Plan to start a business on airport property.

As experts in Colorado real estate, we:

  • Know where to look for available property.

  • Can get you on a wait-list if necessary.

  • Have contacts at all private Colorado airfields as well as many nationwide.

  • Understand the buying process.

Our years of aviation experience mean we can:

Evaluate potential airport sites to let you know if they are a practical fit for your needs — including if you can actually land your plane at the airport, which instrument approaches apply, how competitive fuel pricing is, etc. Look to Airport Real Estate as a specialist in land leases, current market prices, how to conduct a CMA or rebuild valuation, and much more.


We know many clients prefer to manage the process themselves, but Airport Real Estate will be an invaluable resource to save you time, money, and costly mistakes. 

For those serious about leveraging our expertise to buy or lease Colorado airport real estate, call us today at 719-649-2688.

If you’re thinking about buying or leasing airport property, be sure to avoid these five crucial mistakes buyers and renters often make.

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