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We Work With Municipalities, Airport Owners, FBOs, And MROs

Look to us to:

  • List space or land for sale/lease and locate interested buyers/tenants.

  • Advise on competitive market pricing.

  • Engage in effective property marketing to ensure exposure with target audience.

  • Vet all prospects to ensure you don’t waste time with unqualified prospects.

  • Recommend the most effective strategies to get the highest value for your property.

  • Negotiate the best possible prices.

We understand you  want to lease on your own

We understand many municipalities are cash strapped and reluctant to pay broker fees if you can sell or lease space on your own.


  • But how long is your property sitting on the market with no activity?

  • How much time are you wasting with an unqualified buyer?


As an owner, landlord, or airport facilities operator, we realize the time you can assign to promoting your property is limited and we can leverage our contacts and marketing acumen to ensure your property gets significant activity.

We can help you move your property fast

Sometimes it also takes an unaffiliated third party to have a straightforward look at your situation and make a determination if perhaps the property is overpriced according to industry comps or standard airport real estate valuation. Oftentimes a sale can’t be valued as high because you have month-to-month tenants versus long-term leases. We can help you fix this problem.


There are many mistakes landlords often make when selling specialist airport property that end up costing them a lot more in the long run than a broker fee.

For those serious about leveraging
our expertise to sell or lease
Colorado airport real estate,

call us today at



If you’re thinking about selling or renting airport property, be sure to avoid these five crucial mistakes sellers and landlords often make.

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